Saturday, August 25, 2012

Suenos on the Kaweah

East Fork of Kaweah
Photo: Gareth Tate

When the Tour de Suenos came to a shift from the PNW to a last visit to Idaho, I found my way back to Cali in mid-May. After a Wilderness First Responder course at Humbolt University I headed on a straight shot south to the Kaweah river drainage for an imprompt Kaweah fest with about 35 boaters camping out at the Hideaway. Planning on only paddleing for a couple days, I got sucked into the terminal eddy of the Kaweah for about a week and a half. This is an easy place to get stuck in because of such easy access to some high quality California granite runs, good people and easy livin. Days were spent on Hospital Rock and The East Fork trying to get our shred on and not get beat downs. Life on the Kaweah is always a good way to go into river season, I finished my time on the Kaweah and made a quick stop for a low water Forks of the Kern run and then to a working man on the Toulumne.

Some photo highlights of the Goodness of the River, thanks Kevin Smith for the sweet pics

Video Highlight of the Kaweah

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