Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alseseca River

The Alseseca river

So many good things in such close proximity of the great little city Tlapacoyan. The kayak life here at Aventurec, our hostel/base camp, is quite the good living. Once again we are back to the Chorbel mode in some ways, such as lazy mornings with coffee and all you can eat buffet breakfast. On terms of the river, we are not lazy by no means, plenty of river time to fill the day. Our day off the other week turned out to be more of an big day for most. We thought that we would do a day of mellow paddling and drop into the second half of a section called the “7 sisters” on the Alseseca river. Well turns out it was more than just a park and 3 drops. Why was it more? Well in Mexico things tend to take a bit longer than usual, I guess it is not much of an adventure if everything goes by as planned.

The normal easy put-in did not go so well as we were just running on some beta from other kayakers staying at Aventurec. The put-in is located just below Tomata 1 and Tomata 2, which are quite big, scary waterfalls. Once we finally found the put-in we drove then van to the take-out to note in our heads where that was and in the process got the van a little stuck in the banana field. But after a push from the boys in the rig and maybe a 20-point turn we were back on our way to put-in. The run started out with a fun slot style falls and just around that, a scout of a horizon line that was suppose to be the big hole. How do we know it is a big hole? Well the Gopro scout on one of the kayakers computer is our new way of scouting and it gives us a visual guide of the run.

The Big Hole, well it was just that. It started out with a tight box in canyon that has a few turns and swirling eddies before you try and launch of a 15ft waterfall that lands in a sticky hole. First 2 paddlers, team Australia, gave her a go and the hole got the best of them, one swim and one surf to fight out of the hole. My line, chuck my boat of the cliff and jump from about 40ft up and over the falls and boil line, instead on relying on my late boof stroke. After Chris ran the rapid successfully and myself and Kiwi friend Sandy jumped, we were rounding the corner to the super boof. The super boof was the goods of the run, about 20ft perfect launching falls. The last drop according to young kayak all star, Galen, “Just an easy boof, class 3ish.” Maybe easy if you don’t go upside down and bang your head on a few rocks along with your shoulder. My line not so bueno.

Adventure is always around these parts.

The main river here, the Alseseca, may be one of my new favorites. The sections we have been running consistently include: The Roadside, Big Banana, and El Silencio. Apart from that we got on the lower half of the seven sisters and also a tributary of the Alseseca, El Jalicingo-the JAH. More love will come to these sections and rivers.

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