Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last days in Mexico.

The end only seems to be a part of a beginning. Finishing up a trip lets me look back and realize how good life really is. Mexico was amazing and will always be amazing. The last few months we have been living on the beach, staying with good friends, taking trains into large canyons away from the coast and hanging with family. At the beach we were posted up with Kiwi Dave and his family, trying to get my shred on with little Pols and keep in training with Dave. It was refreshing to have a good spot to chill out at and always good to enjoy home cooked meals and cold beers with some good folks on a daily basis. With the surf lacking a bit some days did feel a bit Groundhogish but there were a few sessions that pushed out some gems.

For the last few weeks in Mexico my parents joined for some of the Mexy adventures and made the drive North with Becca and I. After living out of a tent or the van for a few months it was nice to have my parents along and actually stay in some beds in hotels for a change. We cruised around Puerto Vallarta area for a few days staying in Sayulita and Chacala relaxing and getting a little waves here and there. From there we made a visit to Jose and family in Aticama.

We arrived to Jose’s house with tears in our eyes as we embraced Jose and his family, remembering his wife and mother to all, Petra. Petra passed away a few months back and this was part of the reason my parents wanted to join us, so they could visit Jose as well. When we arrived Saturday afternoon and after a few hugs and tears, we were again brought to sadness to hear that Jose’s father had just passed away the day before. The family would be attending a funeral in a few hours for Jose’s dad at there local church then they would take the casket over to the small cemetery by the beach to bury Grandfather Perez.

With the end of his life and the remembrance of a great man the following day we attended a wedding for one of his sons who was about to start his new life with his bride to be. It went from one tragic day to a day of celebration and joy for the new couple. I think Jose and his family were blessed to spend a few days with my parents and us before we continued North.

Our last adventure of the trip was a visit into the land of the legendary Tarahumara people in the copper canyons. We stayed a night in the town of El Fuerte and left the van for a few days to take the train up into the copper canyons. The next few days were spent doing some day hikes around the canyon and waking up to stunning views from our hotel that overlooked the Urique canyon. The copper canyons were amazing and it gave me a desire to want to come back and do a bit more exploring, maybe in times of “lluvia” and with a kayak.

The drive back to Arizona took us 2 leisurely days to get into Phoenix were we spent the night with my aunt Vicky before heading back to San Diego. It is always a weird feeling to return from a long trip and be back in the States but I am also excited for this upcoming spring and summer to be able to play in the great outdoors of the West. Once again Mexico has provided us with so much beauty and I cant wait for a return…

Well that return only lasted about 2 days, we went back to the Casa in Baja for another surf and to work on the house. Now the truck is packed with the new Kayak and camping gear and Tour de Suenos will start in Cali real soon. Hope you enjoyed the travels and the collection of photos. Nunca dejas de vivir tu sueno!

A few fun waves

Always good in the Barrel.

Family photo with Jose.

The train heading into the copper canyon region.
Tarahumara selling some crafts along the train route


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