Monday, September 23, 2013

Back in Zambia


Cold Mosi after a great day on the River
Cheers fellow friends and family. Life is great, I am back in Zambia and will be working here for the next few months as a raft guide and safety kayaker. It is good to be back and enjoy such a beautiful river on a daily basis. I left California a couple weeks back for a long 2 days of travel and finally arrived to Livingstone tired and greeted with some cold Mosi's by Sean and Sven. It was good to get back on the Zambezi and start the charge fest once again. The river is on the drop and at a super fun level to enjoy some classic lines of the Zambezi. The boof at number 5 is in full affect sending us flying off with different results for all. Number 9 is on the lower side and the bubble line on the right is going good, with some pretty good lines. This past week or so has been busy with an overnight trip and plenty of days safety kayaking and also raft guiding. We had a day off yesterday and went for a surf session at number 2 and then went and checked out below the Falls. The minus rapids are looking a bit scary and it was nice to not have the stress of running them, just a chill day under the Falls. Well Life is great and Africa is still amazing.

Going big at number 4

The Boof at #5

Dropping the bottom hole at #9

Fresh caught Tiger for dinner?

Boogie session at 2, shred fest with river board champ Malvin

Where is my surfboard?

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