Monday, January 27, 2014

Adios Zambia

Good Bye Zambia

The time has come once again to pack up the bags and get on the plane to the next destination. For the past four months I have been blessed to call Zambia home and on almost a daily basis walked down to one of the most beautiful rivers around the world. Just about everyday I would wake up, drink a cup of coffee, have a small breakfast and head to work. The word “work” to some may not always mean something exciting, but for me it meant being able to play on the Zambezi. Whether I was taking people down in rafts or in my kayak doing safety, every day on the river was and will always be a good day. 

On average I would say I got on the river about 5 days a week. Not necessarily working everyone of those days, but on the water. Over the season I got to paddle and meet some amazing people. One of the best things about the river is the people you meet along the way. The next few journeys I am about to embark on are with some of the amazing friends I have made on the Zambezi river. Sean, John and myself are en-route to Uganda to spend about 3 weeks with a friend Rueben on the White Nile, paddling, relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Africa. From Uganda the plans are to head back to California for a few weeks then off to South America for a few months Road tripping through Chile and upward to Peru. 

The last few days in Zambia were spent relaxing and enjoying some tourist activities. We checked out the crocodile park and spent a morning  doing an elephant ride. Ru and I had our last paddle from rapid 1-10 at some high water. It was a private paradise running with just the 2 of us and amazing to see the river all brown and pumping with power. No matter how many times I get on this river it still seems to bring a smile to my face. On my last night we drove to the top of the gorge, above rapid 7, and had a few farewell drinks and said goodbye to the Zambezi. It is not a forever goodbye, but more of a see you later and to give thanks for what this river means to me and to so many others. May the waters of life continue to bring joy and blessings to this world. 
Ru being croc handler
Otto coming to say hi to sean

Shuttle ride home with the gear truck

A gift for my last day, Zambezi the beautiful

What makes me happy #9
photo: mathieu dumoulin

Mt Bat crushing 9

Yes life is good

croc farm

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