Sunday, December 6, 2015

Grand Canyon

I have had some chill days in Mexico, so I decided to type up a few journal entries from our Grand Canyon trip this past spring. Epic trip, great weather, friends and fiesta.

April 2, 2015
Mile 60ish, Grand Canyon of the Colorado

A boatman’s dream is to float a river, days on end, surrounded by a bunch of beautiful friends. This dream is actually taking place in my life right now. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, 21 days!
The crew consist of friends I have made traveling the world and some new ones as well. Besides a few in the group, it was all our first Grand Canyon rafting trip.
The group consisted , of, myself, Kanami, My dad, Mike, Chris, Britt, Maddie, Darryn, Tim, Haley, Ashlee, Sean, Scotty, Mary-Reid, Ru and Diana. 16 friends from around the world and 21 days of Bliss.
All the preparation and waiting is all worth it for these amazing days. I am sitting on my boat, just staring out into this amazing canyon. The energy is breathtaking and everyday we awake to a new dream. The most amazing this is I get to share this with 15 amazing friends and loved ones.

April 5th, 2015
Easter Sunday, Granite Camp Mile 93.8

To Sit and be still with the sound of the river, deep inside this canyon is more than just a dream. We truly are the Lucky ones. We fall asleep and wake to the sound of the river. It is amazing to be able to dips those oars in the water, crash through big standing waves and look around and see the joy that whitewater gives us. The other day we camped at Hance rapid and Chris, Darryn and myself ran a few laps down the rapid. It has been about 6 months since I sat in a kayak and God does it feel good to be in a boat charging through some whitewater. Then yesterday I had my dads best friend, Mike in the front of my raft, hitting the biggest waves and also a sixer before noon. Woohhooo

So no shit there I was at the bottom of Horn Creek Rapid watching my dad high side, spin backwards, and lay down in the ducky through some of the biggest waves and make it through without a flip, truly amazing. The night went on with some hooting and hollering around the campfire, bottles to beaches, driftwood for days and a wild Tiger. Ohh party time on the Grand Canyon.

So how do I feel after 21 days on the Grand Canyon?

Amazing, blessed and lucky. I was in Natures playground, a beautiful amphitheatre on rock and water for 3 weeks with some of my best friends.

We truly are the lucky ones!

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