Sunday, December 23, 2012

At the Beach Amigo

So the kayaking part of the trip is finally over, I would love to find some more river goodness along the way but in ways of kayaks, all the boats where left to live on in Veracruz. No more kayaks, just surfboards, boardshorts and hopefully that fishing pole will come out soon as well. Since leaving Veracruz area about 2 weeks ago I made the long drive to Salina Cruz. My co-pilot, Becca, was on her own little surf/family visit in Nexpa and Puerto Vallarta so I was riding solo in the SuenosMobile. I got to Salina Cruz, home to legend right hand point breaks, only to find that this time of the year is mostly windy and small surf. So after a few spot checks I headed north to Hualtulco area to check a few other spots only to find some small beachbreaks.

Small warm water waves
After sleeping in the back of the van for a couple nights in the parking area of a beachbreak I headed up north to visit some new Italian friends, Rikki and Valeria, in the quaint beach town of San Agustinillo. It was nice not to sleep in the hot van and actually have a bed with a fan. My days waiting for Becca to return where spent surfing the nearby beachbreaks, bodysurfing some closeouts, teaching Rikki how to surf and enjoying the evening sunsets on the beach. It feels good to be back on the ocean, the relaxed chorble lifestyle is once again alive.

Always good days at the beach
When Becca arrived we spent a few days with Rikki and Valeria before heading north to Puerto Escondido. With not much surf on the arrival we opted out for some tasty Micheladas and burgers on the beachfront. After a good little buzz and a drift around town I decided to paddle out for a sunset session. While checking the surf it looked  fun, not crowded 3-4ft with peaks up and down the beach. But somehow when I walked to the beach with my board, everyone and there mom decided to go for a surf. After struggling to get a wave to myself, right when I was over the crowd I paddle back out for one last wave before darkness set in. There it was a good set with no damn boogieboards or old locals scrapping for the wave, just me and a perfect A-frame. I dropped in, stood up just as the lip through over me and gave a few pumps in the barrel before escaping through the doggie-door(before the wave closes out).

With no one out at Ventura I had some good practice

Trying to get up there

Not a bad tent spot

With a tough nights sleep out of the SuenosMobile at the end of town and not much surf in the morning we continued heading North. With roads in Mexico never taking as long as expected we only made it about 150miles in 6 hours of driving. But we were rewarded with some excellent camping and a fun right at this random beach we decided to drive down, Playa Ventura. I guess it pays off to drive down those random roads and see what is at the end. So after 3 days of surf, read, eat, chorbel we are once again on the road. This time still heading north into the better surf zones for this time of the year, Michocan. Now I am trying to stay dry with an ear infection hanging around and hopefully some surf for Christmas. Life is Good.

Pulling in a sandy closeout mess

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