Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunsets, Sunrises and Discos

Starting from a few days before New Years we have been living the chorbel beach life at Rio Nexpa. Life here in Mexico always tends to be relaxed and easy living. We posted up on the beach, closest spot we could get to the point. Part of me was a bit hesitant to camp pretty much right in the open but it has turned out to be just the right place. With the tent set up under the palapa, outdoor kitchen facing the ocean and hammocks strung up between the palapa, we found the perfect place to hang out for the month.

The daily routine makes me feel a bit like I am living the retired life. Wake up with the sunrise, put on the coffee pot and either read a bit or journal while we drink a pot of coffee. The surf has had its days but most of the time a bit on the smaller side which has been good for my long board practice. This time of year is said to be the down season for waves but by no means is it a bad place to spend the winter. Another great thing about having our palapa camp right on the beach is that most surfers tend to pass right by our camp before paddling out and it has given us the chance to meet some really cool people.

Almost every morning Jonathan comes by with his 2 yellow labs and usually a fish or two that he caught in his net or with the rod. Then a few weeks into our trip local legend/ gringo expat Pabline showed up and he tends to enjoy a cup of coffee and talk story of the good old days in Mexico or some other travel story of days in Indo or some far off destination. But most the time Becca and I are able to enjoy the sunrise and coffee together before getting the energy to paddle out for a surf.

Afternoons are spent reading in the hammocks and usually that hunger for one of those great Licuados gets us to walk over to Chichos restaurant for a game of cards and a cold drink. I have also gotten some fun uncrowned afternoon sessions when my motivation is up after the card games and Licuados. Then my favorite time of the day comes in the evening when we break out that bottle of tequila and fresca and make those dirt bag margaritas for sunset.

After about a week at Nexpa our propane tank ran out of gas and forced us to head south to the city of Lazaro to try and refill the tank. With no luck because apparently the valve broke and to buy a new tanks does not seem like a good investment, we head to the market in search of the “Disco.” After a quick walk around and twenty bucks later we are heading back to Nexpa with our new cooking utensil. Since drift wood is in abundance the evening cocktails lead into a campfire and then cooking up a feast. We have made a bunch of good meals including; rice and enchiladas, pasta with veggies, teriyaki stir fry and pretty much anything we have around to through in the big disco.

Now as I sit here and write this blog we are enjoying some fun beach break barrels at the beloved Pascuales. Life is good.

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